Canvas Quiz Converter Directions

Hello There!

In order to generate a Canvas quiz, you will need a properly formatted text file to drop into the converter tool. A quick guide is located below if you need to format your questions. A more thorough set of directions can be found in this extended document

The zip file generated by this tool only works for import into Canvas. Don’t open the zipped file as you will be uploading it later into Canvas.

  1. Drop your plain text quiz file into the blue rectangle to convert it to a Canvas QTI format. If formatted correctly, a .zip file will be automatically saved to you computer.

  2. Go to the Canvas course in which you want to use the quiz.

  3. Go to Settings => click "Import Course Content"

  4. Select "QTI .zip file" => locate and choose the zipped file that was generated by the converter tool

  5. Click "Import.” You should not need to select a question bank; that will be managed automatically.

While the quiz upload will often be very fast, there is an additional processing step that can take up to several minutes. The status will probably appear under "Current Jobs" after upload. Once the quiz import is marked as "Completed", the imported quiz should be available under Quizzes. It will import as both a quiz and a question bank.

If the imported quiz does not appear after several minutes, there may be an error in your quiz file or a bug in text2qti tool. When Canvas encounters an invalid quiz file, it tends to fail silently; instead of reporting an error in the quiz file, it just never creates a quiz based on the invalid file. text2qti can detect a number of potential issues, but not everything.

You should always preview the quiz before releasing to students.

Instructions for Formatting Guide for Questions

This tool allows for 1. Multiple Choice, 2. True/False, 3. Multiple Answers, 4. Essay, and Question Groups. You must use the exact format displayed below. Make sure to save your file as a plain text file (.txt).

1. What is 2+3?
a) 6
b) 1
*c) 5

2. 2+3 is 5.
*a) True
b) False

3. Which of the following are dinosaurs?
[ ] Woolly mammoth
[*] Tyrannosaurus rex
[*] Triceratops
[ ] Smilodon fatalis

4. Write an essay.

If you need help, please contact us either in the virtual FIT Center or create a ServiceNow support request. See ITS Support for more information on support.